Ready To Run Remote Control Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Limited 33″


Product Description

Designed by one of the earliest racing boat manufacturers, this fabulous RC model glides through the water with the same grace and style as the real thing. After a full day of zipping across the waves place this wonderful model on your desk or above the mantel, and enjoy the warm nautical style and sleek racing heritage it brings to any room.

  • Plank on frame construction where each strip of wood is applied to the hull one at a time
  • Completely waterproofed hull
  • Amazing speeds up to 25 mph
  • High quality remote control effective up to 100 meters
  • Rechargeable battery – boat comes with rechargeable battery and charger
  • Constructed of the highest quality woods – heartwood Honduras mahogany (used on actual ship)
  • Highly polished finish with multiple layers of paint, microsanded, and varnished
  • Plush leather seats – choose from Green or White
  • Realistic dashboard gauges and switches – not a sticker
  • Meticulously painted like actual Chris Craft Triple Cockpit
  • Extensive research done to build this ship, using various sources such as drawings, copies of original plans, and photos of actual ship

Additional Information

Dimensions 33 x 9 x 7 in


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