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Ready for Immediate Display – Not a Model Ship kit 

Historically accurate features bedeck these museum-quality Limited Edition scale replica tall ship models of the Wasa (or Vasa), which are built with the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail. As the grandest warship in the fleet of Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus and built according to his personal specifications, this fighting tall ship of the line salvaged and now displayed as a modern museum ship occupies a distinguished place in Swedish naval history. Now her Limited Edition tall ships model may similarly occupy a proud position in your office, home or meeting room from which to display her exquisite beauty. 

32" Long x 9" Wide x 28" High (1:85 scale)

  • Built from scratch over hundreds of hours by master artisans
  • Accurate scale replica tall ship models of the Wasa
  • Museum Quality features not available in other tall ship models under $3,000 or any kit
    • Over 1,000 individual hull pieces, with more than 100 carved adornments
    • Detailed scrollwork, carvings, beakhead and railed quarter balconies with hand-painting
    • Historically correct sails
    • Extensive rigging with hundreds of single, double and triple deadeyes
    • Realistic lifeboats with oars and numerous other deck features
    • Numerous additional deck details such as cannon balls, barrels, rope coils, cleats, etc.
  • Individual wooden planks used in plank-on-frame hull construction
  • High quality woods include walnut, cherry, birch, teak and rosewood
  • Gun ports actually cut into the hull
  • Amazing Details, including:
    • Planked deck with nail holes
    • Authentic scale lifeboats with oars
    • Curved wooden staircases ascend aftcastle and forecastle
    • Numerous individual cannon arm the ship
    • Solid brass cannon fire through actual gun ports
    • Cannonball racks, buckets, barrels, rope coils and other nautical items adorn decks
    • Lattice grates, rudder chains, wooden ladders and planked steps
    • Metal anchors on thick hawsers
    • Masterfully stitched, heavy canvas sails hold shape and do not wrinkle
    • Taut rigging with varied thread gauge and color
    • Cloth flags fly from masts and rigging
  • Limited production run only 25 of these model tall ships
  • Certificate of Authenticity individually numbered and signed by HMS Founder and Master Builder Richard Norris
  • Wooden display base features four arched dolphins
    • Pictured with marble base (available for purchase)
  • Extensive research of original plans, historical drawings and paintings as well as actual photographs ensures the highest possible accuracy


NOTE: There is an optional model of the Wasa 32" available without sails for the same price. Simply note at the bottom of our checkout page that you would like the Wasa 32" without sails.

Additional Information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 32 x 9 x 28 in


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